This spectacular Gorge is also known as the valley of Apes, drained by River Kyambura. The Gorge is one of the most scenic Gorges in the East African Rift Valley tract and this landscape is among the most magnificent gorge you will find in Uganda and its rich biodiversity.


The Gorge is located southwest of Kampala, near Kasese, Queen Elizabeth National Park approximately 389 km when driving from Kampala, Kyambura gorge is located on the north-eastern boundary of Queen Elizabeth National Park, about 30 km from the park’s headquarters. Kyambura Gorge is the only place in Queen Elizabeth National Park where one can see and hear habituated Chimpanzees, as they are being habituated, a process which takes up to two years.

Cost of Kyambura Gorge Chimpanzee Permits

At Kyambura Gorge there are two Chimpanzees tracking shifts one beginning at 8 am and 2 pm respectively. The cost of tracking Chimpanzee at Kyambura Gorge cost USD 50 for foreign non residents while Kibale National Park chimpanzee tracking permits cost USD200 for foreign non residents per person, the trek usually takes one to three hours per shift. The Gorge is also a home to other primates namely black and white colobus monkey, red-tailed monkeys and the vervet monkeys. Chimp trekking at the gorge is an amazing encounter which involves hiking.


While on your trek through the gorge, you will be able to spot many bird species namely African crake, croaking cisticola, grey backed fiscal, black headed gonolek, brown snake eagle among others can be seen in the forest within the gorge. The way to the ravine is also a magnificent spot for picnics. The gorge is one of a kind giving you great perspective to the guests down the forest offering a great photography. You will absolutely love tracking Chimpanzees in the dramatic Kyambura Gorge and its environs.


The must do activity at Queen Elizabeth National Park is visiting the Kyambura Gorge, the breathtaking diverse ecosystem in the air and on land are bound to leave one in rapture. Kindly contact us for all your remarkable Chimp safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

Uganda as always said is the best destination for chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale Forest National Park the habitat for primates in the East Africa which is so far considered the best place for chimpanzee habituation in Uganda. Kibale Forest National Park is one of only a few blocks of tropical forest remaining in the country, the park is surrounded by a complex, fine-scale agriculture and manioc fields interspersed with monospecific plantations of Eucalyptus and pines. The park is adjacent to the northeastern border of Queen Elizabeth National Park, hence allowance for the migration of various species, such as elephants.


The park is located in western Uganda approximately 5-6 hours’ drive from Kampala which is the Capital City of Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park is particularly rich in primates, 12 primate species recorded namely Chimpanzees, black and white and the red colobus, blue monkey, olive baboon, de brazza’s monkey, l’hoest’s monkey, pottos, galagos among others. Chimpanzee habituation experience is the most exciting encounter to tourists who come to track Chimpanzees at Kibale Forest National Park.


The cost of Chimpanzee habituation permit has now been increased from 220 USD to 250 USD per person for foreign non-residents while East African Citizens permits cost 200,000 Uganda shillings the excursion usually takes 6 hours per day, Chimpanzee tracking permits is 200 USD for foreign non-residents per hour and East African residents is 150,000 Uganda shillings. For our Mid-range Chimpanzee habituation meant for you who want affordable primate Safaris in Uganda, kindly click here for more information on how you can book your Chimpanzee habituation Safari in Uganda. 

Emmanuel Gambarombo

Chimpanzee during feeding time.

Pearlland Safaris introduces you to a half day Chimpanzee habituation expereince that takes place in Kibale Forest National Park which is a park that has the highest diversity and concentration of primates in Africa. Similarly you can have the same experience in Budongo Forest (Murchison Falls National Park)

Chimpanzees have always been of special interest to tourists and the study of human biological and physiological characteristics and their evolution. As our closest living relatives, they provide the standard against which to assess human uniqueness and information regarding the changes that must have occurred during the course of human evolution. Given these circumstances, it is not surprising that Chimpanzee have been studied intensively in the wild.

Tourists during a Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

 What Exactly is Chimpanzee habituation Experience (CHEX)?

Chimpanzees in their natural habitat are a wild bunch and would not entertain human visitors within their territory. With chimpanzee habituation, the chimps over two years are continuously put in the presence of humans by expert researchers to make them get used to having them around then later more humans are allowed to come spend regulated time with the primates. This is what we call the habituation experience.


Most visitors visit the chimpanzees much like the Mountain Gorillas for one hour, however another option that allows you to be with chimpanzees all day long in the forests of Budongo (Murchison Falls National Park) or Kibale Forest National Park is the habituation experience which goes all day with chimpanzees in their natural setting.

Uganda Wildlife Authority which is the body in charge of the whole experience recommends that Chimpanzee Habituation Experience not be for the faint hearted which means an early breakfast, a packed lunch and you are off before dawn breaks into the forest. You meet your guide and you are off to where the chimpanzees built nests the night before. Dawn is just breaking and the chimpanzee community you are going to be with the rest of the day is rising from their sleep.


However you are here for the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience which entails getting the chimpanzees used to the presence of humans (removing the fear of humans from the group), a process that takes up to two years and on this special day you are part of that process by your whole days presence in the forest. Years ago, it used to be that you had a 20% chance of seeing chimpanzees in the wild, however today because of the habituation process, this chance has increased to over 90%.

Your day will be full of activities, your camera will fill up with quality pictures of the chimpanzees and you will get to learn to identify them as individuals by their markings, sometimes scars and other unique features that make them stand apart from rest. The day ends as the chimpanzees climb into their newly built nests for the evening and you too head back to your lodging for the evening.


Half day Chimpanzee habituation cost USD 150 for both foreign non-residents and foreign resident, and USD 25 for East African Citizens, this excursion usually starts early in the morning at around 6am and stops at mid-day, you are advised to wake up at 5am, have an early morning breakfast then proceed to your provocative yet thrilling encounter in the jungle of Kibale Forest National Park.

At least 13 primates can be seen at the Park namely Chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, De Brazza’s monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, Red colobus monkeys among others. The half day chimpanzee habituation encounter gives you an opportunity to accompany Kibale’s anthropologists and habituators as they follow chimpanzees throughout their daily activities, a process which usually takes up to 2 years. Kindly contact us for more information about great Primate Habituation Safaris in Uganda.

Getting there

It is about 300 km from Kampala with a tarmac road going to Fort portal and also a distance of 37 km on murram road to Kibale National Park.


Preferred Accommodation for your stay

Luxury Preference

Kibale Primate Lodge

Ndali Lodge

Crater Safari Lodge

Mid-range Preference

Chimps Nest

Kibale Forest Camp

Mountains of the Moon Hotel

Budget Preference

Nyinabulitwa Country Resort and Safari Camp

Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve and Community Campsite

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