I won’t say that Uganda is safe but rather I should say that the country is stable because it has transformed itself from a troubled past to one of relative stability and prosperity countries in Africa.

Uganda is one of the safest countries found in Africa as continent, thecontinent has 54 independent countries recognized by African Union as well as United Nations and 0ne ‘1’ recognized by only African Union but not United Nations, making a total of 55 independent countries that make up Africa at large.

Uganda is a land locked country located in the eastern wing of Africa bordering countries like Kenya in the east, Sudan in the north, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the south west and lastly D.R.C in the west. On national boarders Uganda has deployed army officers that are always on the lookout for whosever sets foot and moves out of the country due to the instabilities that having happenings previously in the neighbouring countries like Sudan and Congo.

Tourism in Uganda is growing day by day and with the increasing number of international tourists that fly In to Uganda. Many have never taken time to find out how many National parks are found in Uganda. Uganda is covered by 10 National parks in various different parts of Uganda. With at least each National park having a centre piece of attraction these has helped various people to learn and differentiate all the 10 National parks in Uganda. As the outline below will indicate all that you can find in the parks and the activities you can carry out while in the National parks.